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Clinical Associate Professor

My research and teaching interests are in the areas of auditing and accounting information systems.

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Academic Articles7
  • Diaz, M. C., Loraas, T. M., & Apostolou, B. (2017). How do mentoring rewards influence experienced auditors?. BRITISH ACCOUNTING REVIEW. 49(6), 594-607.
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  • Diaz, M. C. (2016). Assembling the opinion: An active learning exercise for audit students. Journal of Accounting Education. 34, 30-40.
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  • Loraas, T. M., & Diaz, M. C. (2011). Learning New Technologies: The Effect of Ease of Learning. JOURNAL OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS. 25(2), 171-194.
  • Diaz, M. C., & Loraas, T. (2010). Learning new uses of technology while on an audit engagement: Contextualizing general models to advance pragmatic understanding. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems. 11(1), 61-77.
  • Wolfe, C. J., Mauldin, E. G., & Diaz, M. C. (2009). Concede or Deny: Do Management Persuasion Tactics Affect Auditor Evaluation of Internal Control Deviations?. ACCOUNTING REVIEW. 84(6), 2013-2037.
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