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  • Lovell, S., Simon, B., Boudreau, E. C., Mankin, J., & Jeffery, N. (2022). Randomized clinical trial comparing outcomes after fentanyl or ketamine-dexmedetomidine analgesia in thoracolumbar spinal surgery in dogs.. J Vet Intern Med. 36(5), 1742-1751.
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  • Boudreau, C. E., Najem, H., Ott, M., Horbinski, C., Fang, D., DeRay, C. M., ... Heimberger, A. B. (2021). Intratumoral Delivery of STING Agonist Results in Clinical Responses in Canine Glioblastoma.. Clin Cancer Res. 27(20), 5528-5535.
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  • Amin, S. B., Anderson, K. J., Boudreau, C. E., Martinez-Ledesma, E., Kocakavuk, E., Johnson, K. C., ... Verhaak, R. (2020). Comparative Molecular Life History of Spontaneous Canine and Human Gliomas. Cancer Cell. 37(2), 243-257.e7.
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  • Jeffery, N. D., Mankin, J. M., Ito, D., Boudreau, C. E., Kerwin, S. C., Levine, J. M., ... Granger, N. (2020). Extended durotomy to treat severe spinal cord injury after acute thoracolumbar disc herniation in dogs.. Vet Surg. 49(5), 884-893.
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