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  • Dowler, K. K., Scott, E. M., Teixeira, L., & Vallone, L. V. (2020). Cactus-induced keratoconjunctivitis in Texas: A case series of three dogs and one cat.. Vet Ophthalmol. 23(2), 374-385.
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  • Madrigal, R. G., Friedemann, M. C., Vallone, J. M., Ruoff, C. M., Vallone, L. V., Laughrey, T., Rech, R. R., & Coleman, M. C. (2020). Ossifying fibroma as a cause of blindness in a 5-year-old Quarter Horse gelding. EQUINE VETERINARY EDUCATION. 32(3), 125-131.
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  • Visser, H. E., Dees, D. D., Millichamp, N. J., Vallone, L. V., & Scott, E. M. (2019). Effect of orally administered melatonin on intraocular pressure of ophthalmologically normal dogs.. Am J Vet Res. 80(4), 410-415.
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  • Vallone, L., Scott, E., & Irby, N. (2019). The conjunctival crypt of the equine third eyelid. EQUINE VETERINARY EDUCATION. 31(9), 491-495.
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  • Vallone, L. V. (2020). Third eyelid abnormalities/protrusion. Cohn, L., & Cote, E. (Eds.), Ct's Clinical Veterinary Advisor Dogs and cats, 4th Ed.. 970-972. Elsevier.
  • Vallone, L. V., & Morgan, R. V (2016). Punctate Keratitis, Superficial. Veterinary Information Network.
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