My research is focused on (a) culturally responsive leadership, pedagogy, and teacher development, (b) the disproportionate representation of African American learners in Special Education, (c) culturally responsive family and community engagement, and (d) the exploration of academic achievement and sociopolitical contexts impacting African American girls.

selected publications
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  • Natesan, P., Webb-Hasan, G. C., Carter, N. P., & Walter, P (2011). Validity of the cultural awareness and beliefs inventory of urban teachers: A parallel mixed methods study. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches. 5(2), 238-253.
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  • Neal, L., McCray, A. D., & Webb-Johnson, G. (2009). Teachers' Reactions to African American Students' Movement Styles. 36(3), 168-174.
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  • Neal, L., McCray, A. D., Webb-Johnson, G., & Bridgest, S. T (2009). The Effects of African American Movement Styles on Teachers' Perceptions and Reactions. The Journal of Special Education. 37(1), 49-57.
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  • Webb-Johnson, G., Artiles, A. J., Trent, S. C., Jackson, C. W., & Velox, A (1998). The Status of Research on Multicultural Education in Teacher Education and Special Education Problems, Pitfalls, and Promises. Remedial and Special Education. 19(1), 7-15.
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