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  • Hood, D. R., Ewing, R. C., Roback, K. P., Runyon, K., Avouac, J., & McEnroe, M (2021). Inferring Airflow Across Martian Dunes From Ripple Patterns and Dynamics. Frontiers in Earth Science. 9, 702828.
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  • Banham, S. G., Gupta, S., Rubin, D. M., Edgett, K. S., Barnes, R., Van Beek, J., ... Vasavada, A. R (2021). A Rock Record of Complex Aeolian Bedforms in a Hesperian Desert Landscape: The Stimson Formation as Exposed in the Murray Buttes, Gale Crater, Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. 126(4),
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  • Gunn, A., Wanker, M., Lancaster, N., Edmonds, D. A., Ewing, R. C., & Jerolmack, D. J (2021). Circadian Rhythm of Dune‐Field Activity. Geophysical Research Letters. 48(5),
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  • Gunn, A., Schmutz, P., Wanker, M., Edmonds, D. A., Ewing, R. C., & Jerolmack, D. J (2020). Macroscopic Flow Disequilibrium Over Aeolian Dune Fields. Geophysical Research Letters. 47(18),
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  • Gadal, C., Narteau, C., Ewing, R. C., Gunn, A., Jerolmack, D., Andreotti, B., & Claudin, P (2020). Spatial and Temporal Development of Incipient Dunes. Geophysical Research Letters. 47(16),
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  • Fenton, L. K., Ewing, R. C., Bridges, N. T., & Lorenz, R. (2013). 11.15 Extraterrestrial Aeolian Landscapes. Treatise on Geomorphology. 287-312. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers4
  • Lapôtre, M., Ewing, R. C., & Lamb, M. P (2021). An Evolving Understanding of Enigmatic Large Ripples on Mars. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. 126(2),
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  • Kocurek, G., & Ewing, R. C (2016). Trickle-Down and Trickle-Up Boundary Conditions in Eolian Dune-Field Pattern Formation. AUTOGENIC DYNAMICS AND SELF-ORGANIZATION IN SEDIMENTARY SYSTEMS. (106), 18-39.
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  • Ewing, R. C., McDonald, G. D., & Hayes, A. G. (2015). Multi-spatial analysis of aeolian dune-field patterns. Geomorphology. 240, 44-53.
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  • Patel, H., Suermann, P., Shumaker, N., Deitrick, S., Bullard, J. W., & Ewing, R. C Applying Terrestrial Geo-Material Science Methodology to Lunar ISRU Construction. EARTH AND SPACE 2021: SPACE EXPLORATION, UTILIZATION, ENGINEERING, AND CONSTRUCTION IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS. 171-180.
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