Electrical and Computer Engineering | Academic Department| Organization individual record
Research Areas:
Digital twins (Computer simulation), Numerical analysis, Workflow management systems, Data compression (Computer science), Artificial intelligence, Computer science, Renewable energy sources--Research, Transportation, Statistics, Electric utilities, Natural language processing, Biosensors, Information theory, Precision agriculture, Precision farming, Human genetics, Information visualization, Electromagnetic theory, Electric power systems, Bioinformatics, Electromagnetism, High performance computing, Computational science and engineering, Computer architecture, Smart power grids, Error-correcting codes (Information theory)--Automatic control, Wind energy conversion systems, Remote sensing, Weeds--Control, Photovoltaic power generation, Coding theory, Machine learning--Statistical methods, Quantum computing, Quantum sensing, Electric vehicles, Electric automobiles, Genomics, Power resources, Microfluidics, Big data, Augmented reality, Science--Data processing, Integrated circuits--Very large scale integration--Design and construction, Optical communications, Virtual reality, Computer networks, Imaging systems in medicine, Software, Machine learning, Deep learning (Machine learning), Information storage and retrieval systems, Computer vision, Hybrid electric vehicles, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Hydrology, Wireless communication systems, Mathematical optimization, Renewable energy sources, Quantitative research, Autonomous robots, Signal processing, Computers--Scientific applications, Magnetic resonance imaging, Software-defined networking (Computer network technology), Phased array antennas, Computer security, Diagnostic imaging, Electric machines, Agriculture--Automation, Solar energy, Genetic transcription, Human-robot interaction, Pattern recognition systems, Nonvolatile random-access memory, Microgrids (Smart power grids), Image processing, Computational biology, Power electronics, Quantum optics, Estimation theory