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  • Demlow, A. (2017). Convergence and quasi-optimality of adaptive finite element methods for harmonic forms. Numerische Mathematik. 136(4), 941-971.
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  • Demlow, A. (2016). Quasi-optimality of adaptive finite element methods for controlling local energy errors. Numerische Mathematik. 134(1), 27-60.
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  • Demlow, A., & Kopteva, N. (2016). Maximum-norm a posteriori error estimates for singularly perturbed elliptic reaction-diffusion problems. Numerische Mathematik. 133(4), 707-742.
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  • Cockburn, B., & Demlow, A. (2016). Hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin and mixed finite element methods for elliptic problems on surfaces. Mathematics of Computation. 85(302), 2609-2638.
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  • Bonito, A., & Demlow, A. (2016). Convergence and Optimality of Higher-Order Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Eigenvalue Clusters. SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis. 54(4), 2379-2388.
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