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  • Ufodike, C. O., & Nzebuka, G. C (2022). Investigation of thermal evolution and fluid flow in the hot-end of a material extrusion 3D Printer using melting model. Additive Manufacturing. 49, 102502-102502.
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  • Dolzyk, G., Jung, S., & Ufodike, C. O (2021). Crashworthiness of Circular Tubes with Rhombus Star Grooving Pattern. Materials Today Communications. 29, 102899-102899.
  • Ufodike, C. O., Ahmed, M. F., & Dolzyk, G (2021). Additively manufactured biomorphic cellular structures inspired by wood microstructure. Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials. 123, 104729-104729.
  • Nzebuka, G. C., Ufodike, C. O., & Egole, C. P (2021). Influence of various aspects of low-Reynolds number turbulence models on predicting flow characteristics and transport variables in a horizontal direct-chill casting. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer. 179, 121648-121648.
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  • Ufodike, C. O., Wang, H., Ahmed, M. F., Dolzyk, G., & Jung, S (2021). Design and modeling of bamboo biomorphic structure for in-plane energy absorption improvement. Materials & Design. 205, 109736-109736.
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