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Academic Articles56
  • Guerlain, S. A., Smith, P. J., Obradovich, J. H., Rudmann, S., Strohm, P., Smith, J. W., & Svirbely, J. (2020). Dealing with brittleness in the design of expert systems for immunohematology.. Immunohematology. 12(3), 101-107.
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  • Strohm, P. L., Smith, P. J., Fraser, J. M., Smith, J. W., Rudmann, S. V., Svirbely, J. R., ... Kennedy, M. S. (2020). Procedural errors in antibody identification.. Immunohematology. 7(1), 20-22.
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  • Miller, T. E., Smith, R. J., Gross, S., Guerlain, S., Rudmann, S., Strohm, R. L., Smith, J. W., & Svirbely, J. R. (2020). The use of computers in teaching clinical laboratory science.. Immunohematology. 9(1), 22-27.
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  • Zozus, M. N., Pieper, C., Johnson, C. M., Johnson, T. R., Franklin, A., Smith, J., & Zhang, J. (2015). Factors Affecting Accuracy of Data Abstracted from Medical Records. PLoS ONE. 10(10), e0138649-e0138649.
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  • Sun, Y., O’Reilly, R. C., Smith, J. W., & Wang, H. (2015). Reply to Aksentijevic: It is a matter of what is countable and how neurons learn. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 112(25), e3160-e3160.
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  • Guerlain, S., Smith, P. J., Smith, J. W., Rudmann, S., Obradovich, J. H., & Strohm, P. (2018). Automation and Human Performance. Automation and Human Performance: Theory and Applications. (pp. 385-406). Routledge.
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Conference Papers28
  • Iyengar, M. S., Svirbely, J. R., Rusu, M., & Smith, J. W. (2008). VITA - An Interactive 3-D Visualization System to Enhance Student Understanding of Mathematical Concepts in Medical Decision-making. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 21ST IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON COMPUTER-BASED MEDICAL SYSTEMS. 434-436.
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  • Mirhaji, P., Zhang, J., Srinivasan, A., Richesson, R. L., & Smith, J. W. (2004). Knowledge-based public health situation awareness. VISUALIZING AND QUANTIFYING DRUG DISTRIBUTION IN TISSUE III. 5403(PART 1), 198-209.
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  • Mirhaji, P., Richesson, R. L., Turley, J. P., Zhang, J., & Smith, J. W. (2004). Public health situation awareness: toward a semantic approach. VISUALIZING AND QUANTIFYING DRUG DISTRIBUTION IN TISSUE III. 5434, 339-350.
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  • Mirhaji, P., Zhang, J., Smith, J. W., Madjid, M., Casscells, S. W., & Lillibridge, S. R. (2003). Informatics critical to public health surveillance. VISUALIZING AND QUANTIFYING DRUG DISTRIBUTION IN TISSUE III. 5071, 151-163.
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  • Kantor, G., Svirbely, J. R., Johnson, K., Sriram, M., Rodriguez, J. R., & Smith, J. (2001). MEDAL: The medical algorithm project. Stud Health Technol Inform. 84, 298.
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