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Academic Articles19
  • Luo, H., & Paal, S. G. (2021). Data-driven seismic response prediction of structural components. Earthquake Spectra. (2), 875529302110533-875529302110533.
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  • Stieglitz, M., Terzioglu, T., Hueste, M., Hurlebaus, S., Mander, J. B., & Paal, S. G. (2021). Experimental and computational investigation of a load-posted steel beam bridge. ENGINEERING STRUCTURES. 112963.
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  • Luo, H., & Paal, S. G. (2021). Reducing the effect of sample bias for small data sets with double-weighted support vector transfer regression. COMPUTER-AIDED CIVIL AND INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING. 36(3), 248-263.
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  • Tang, P., Vick, S., Chen, J., & Paal, S. G. (2020). Chapter 2 Surveying, Geomatics, and 3D Reconstruction. Infrastructure Computer Vision. 13-64. Elsevier.
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  • Paal, S. G., Vick, S., & Kopsida, M. (2020). Chapter 5 Use Cases for Architects and Engineers. Infrastructure Computer Vision. 203-266. Elsevier.
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  • Koch, C., Zhu, Z., Paal, S. G., & Brilakis, I. (2015). Machine Vision Techniques for Condition Assessment of Civil Infrastructure. INTEGRATED IMAGING AND VISION TECHNIQUES FOR INDUSTRIAL INSPECTION: ADVANCES AND APPLICATIONS. 351-375. Springer Nature.
Conference Papers10
  • Zhu, Z., German, S., & Brilakis, I. (2019). Visual recognition and assessment of concrete crack properties. EG-ICE 2010 - 17th International Workshop on Intelligent Computing in Engineering.
  • Paal, S. G., & Smith, I. (2015). Error Assessment of Machine Vision Techniques for Object Detection and Evaluation. Computing in Civil Engineering 2015, Computing in Civil Engineering 2015. 2015-January(January), 660-666.
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  • Moser, G., German Paal, S., Jelaty, D., & Smith, I. (2015). Using electrical resistance networks to enhance performance assessment of water distribution networks. SHMII 2015 - 7th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure.
  • Koch, C., Paal, S. G., Rashidi, A., Zhu, Z., Koenig, M., & Brilakis, I. (2014). Achievements and Challenges in Machine Vision-Based Inspection of Large Concrete Structures. ADVANCES IN STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING. 17(3), 303-318.
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  • Paal, S. G., Zhu, Z., Brilakis, I., & DesRoches, R. (2014). Automated crack pattern measurements for rapid post-earthquake safety assessment. EG-ICE 2014, European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering - 21st International Workshop: Intelligent Computing in Engineering 2014.
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