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Modeling, Design and Optimization of Demand Responsive Services, such as Feeders, ADA Paratransit, Innovative Transit/Logistic Services, Car Sharing and UBER. Continuous Approximation Models; Valid Inequalities and Logic Constraints; Scheduling Algorithms.

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Academic Articles31
  • Ziyadidegan, S., Quadrifoglio, L., Floris, E., Gravellu, M., & Sottile, E. (2021). Evaluating an innovative sub-leasing type of the round-trip carsharing. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation. 1-8.
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  • Mattson, J., Brooks, J., Godavarthy, R., Quadrifoglio, L., Jain, J., Simek, C., & Sener, I. (2021). Transportation, community quality of life, and life satisfaction in metro and non-metro areas of the United States. Wellbeing, Space and Society. 2, 100056-100056.
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  • Iio, K., Zhang, Y., & Quadrifoglio, L. (2019). Bid-Based Priority Signal Control in a Connected Environment: Concept. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. 2673(11), 737-747.
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  • Lu, W., & Quadrifoglio, L. (2019). Fair cost allocation for ridesharing services modeling, mathematical programming and an algorithm to find the nucleolus. Transportation Research Part B: Methodological.
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  • Wang, X. B., Li, Y., Quadrifoglio, L., & Yin, K. (2018). Distribution product packaging to maximize net revenue. Computers & Industrial Engineering. 121, 150-160.
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  • Lu, W., Shen, C., & Quadrifoglio, L. (2014). Innovative Operating Strategies for Paratransit Services with Zoning. SAGE Publications.
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Conference Papers10
  • Colombaroni, C., Fusco, G., Isaenko, N., & Quadrifoglio, L. (2017). Optimization of container operations at inland intermodal terminals. 2017 5th IEEE International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS), 2017 5th IEEE International Conference on Models and Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems (MT-ITS). 69-74.
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  • Jalal, M., Floris, I., & Quadrifoglio, L. (2017). Computer-aided prediction of Pavement Condition Index (PCI) using ANN. Proceedings of International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, CIE.
  • Lu, W., Quadrifoglio, L., & Petrelli, M. (2017). Reliability analysis of centralized versus decentralized zoning strategies for paratransit services. Transportation Research Procedia. 25, 4096-4109.
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  • Lee, D., Quadrifoglio, L., Teulada, e., & Meloni, I. (2016). Discovering Relationships between Factors of Round-trip Car Sharing by Using Association Rules Approach. Procedia Engineering. 161, 1282-1288.
  • Chandra, S., & Quadrifoglio, L. (2011). Critical links for DRT feeder transit sevices. 41st International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering 2011. 361-366.
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