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  • Lawo-Sukam, A. (2013). Dream of Africa.
  • Lawo-Sukam, A. (2010). Hacia una poética afro-colombiana: el caso del Pacífico. Universidad del VallePress.
  • Falola, T., & Mbah, E. (2016). Dissent, Protest and Dispute in Africa. Dissent, Protest and Dispute in Africa. (pp. 52-70). Routledge.
    doi badge 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Lawo-Sukam, A. (2012). Toward Deciphering the Afro-Colombian Poetry: The Case of Guillermo Payán-Archer and Helcías Martán Góngora. Conrad, J. (Eds.), Writing the Afro-Hispanic: Essays on Africa and Africans in the Spanish Caribbean. (pp. 183-194). Adonis & Abbey Publishers.
  • Lawo-Sukam, A. (2011). María Grueso Romero Y María Elcina Valencia Córdoba: Poetisas de la identidad afrocolombiana. Jaramillo, M. M., & Ortiz, L. (Eds.), Mujeres Afro-decendientes en las Américas: Biografias Críticas/Women of African Descent in the Americas: Critical Biographies. (pp. 170-189). Editorial Panamericana.
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