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  • Haglin, K., Jordan, S., Merrill, A. H., & Ura, J. D (2021). Ideology and Specific Support for the Supreme Court. Political Research Quarterly. 74(4), 955-969.
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  • Ura, J. D., & Wohlfarth, P. C (2021). Greater public confidence in the US Supreme Court predicts more jurisdiction stripping. Political Science Research and Methods. 1-9.
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  • Ellis, C. R., & Ura, J. D (2021). Polarization and the Decline of Economic Voting in American National Elections. Social Science Quarterly. 102(1), 83-89.
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  • Conway, N. D., Jordan, S., & Ura, J. D (2018). Courts and Issue Attention in Canada. Social Science Quarterly. 99(4), 1324-1348.
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  • Ura, J. D., & Flink, C. M (2016). Experience counts: The chief justice, management tenure, and strategic behavior on the U.S. Supreme Court. Research & Politics. 3(2), 205316801664446-205316801664446.
Internet Publications1
  • Ura, J., & Theriault, S (2021). Strong political institutions can uphold democracy, even if people can’t agree on politics. - An article submitted to The Conversation
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