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Dr. K. Pappas is the Project Manager of the Texas A&M Energy Institute, overseeing the administration of the Institute's projects and initiatives. Dr K. Pappas is Agricultural Engineer with an MSc in Agricultural Economics and he holds a PhD in Migration Economics. He counts more than 24 years of professional experience in program and project management, monitoring and evaluation. For more than 6 years he worked for the European Commission, Directorates General "Environment" and "Health" being, among other tasks, responsible for projects focusing on circular economy, renewables, food safety, etc. implemented in most of European countries as well as on EU's neighboring countries Turkey, Jordan and Morocco. Currently, Dr. Pappas focuses on convergent research topics such as the study of the interlinkages between Water-Energy-Food nexus, Forced Displacements and Economic Migration; environment, climate change, disaster risk reduction and societal challenges; and circular economy and sustainable development paths, especially in countries with strong migratory pressure.

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  • Pappas, K., & Karras, G. (2006). The Route of Olive across Ionian Sea. Trono, A. (Eds.), Lo sviluppo dell'identità mediterranea attraverso l'economia del mare. Mario Congendo Editore and Universita degli Studi di Lecce.
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  • Pappas, K., Dalla, E., & Lolis, T. (2003). The route of olive and wine through the european culture and into the paths of popular culture of Epirus, with the prospect of development. Schmude, J., & Trono, A. (Eds.), Routes for Tourism and Culture – Some examples for creating thematic routes from Italy, Greece, Portugal and Germany. (pp. 99-119). Univ. Regensburg, Wirtschaftsgeographie und Tourismusforschung.
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