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Remote sensing / imaging spectroscopy, environmental and hydrologic/ocean optics, geographic information system (GIS)-based modeling, machine learning, vegetation mapping, river floodplains, and coastal studies

selected publications
Academic Articles23
  • Ma, A., Filippi, A., Wang, Z., & Yin, Z. (2019). Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Similarity Measurements-Based Deep Recurrent Neural Networks. Remote Sensing. 11(2), 194-194.
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  • Gueneralp, I., Filippi, A. M., & Randall, J. (2014). Estimation of floodplain aboveground biomass using multispectral remote sensing and nonparametric modeling. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED EARTH OBSERVATION AND GEOINFORMATION. 33(1), 119-126.
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  • Su, H., Liu, H., Wang, L., Filippi, A. M., Heyman, W. D., & Beck, R. A. (2014). Geographically Adaptive Inversion Model for Improving Bathymetric Retrieval from Satellite Multispectral Imagery. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing. 52(1), 465-476.
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  • Brannstrom, C., & Filippi, A. M. (2012). Environmental policies for modern agriculture?. Sustainable Development: National Aspirations, Local Implementation. 271-291.
  • Filippi, A., Dobreva, I., Klein, A. G., & Jensen, J. R. (2010). Self-Organizing Map-based Applications in Remote Sensing. Matsopoulos, G. K. (Eds.), Self-Organizing Maps. 231-248. InTech.
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  • Schill, S., Rundquist, D., Filippi, A. M., Kvamme, K., Cothren, J., & Tullis, J. (2009). In situ Sensors and Field Methods. Jackson, M. (Eds.), Manual of Remote Sensing: Earth observing platforms & sensors. 321-386. American Society for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing.
  • Filippi, A. M. (2008). Remote Sensing-Based Damage Assessment for Homeland Security. Sui, D. Z. (Eds.), Geospatial Technologies and Homeland Security. 125-169. Springer Netherlands.
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Conference Papers6
  • Hecher, J., Filippi, A., Guneralp, I., & Paulus, G. (2013). Extracting River Features from Remotely Sensed Data: An Evaluation of Thematic Correctness. 2013, 187-196.
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  • Dongarra, J. J., Meuer, H. W., & Strohmaier, E. (2011). Sixth International Workshop on Spatial and Spatiotemporal Data Mining. SUPERCOMPUTER. 12(1), xlv-xlvii.
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  • Tikotekar, A., Vallée, G., Naughton, T., Ong, H., Engelmann, C., Scott, S. L., & Filippi, A. M. (2008). Effects of virtualization on a scientific application running a hyperspectral radiative transfer code on virtual machines. 16-23.
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  • Filippi, A. M., Brannstrom, C., Cairns, D. M., & Kim, D. (2007). Hyperion and CBERS satellite image classification intercomparison for Cerrado and agricultural mapping. VISUALIZING AND QUANTIFYING DRUG DISTRIBUTION IN TISSUE III. 6749, 674913-674913-12-674913-12.
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  • Filippi, A. M., Bhaduri, B. L., Naughton, T. J., King, A. L., & Scott, S. L. (2006). Hyperspectral aquatic radiative transfer modeling using cluster computing. 1, 365-370.
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