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We are pursuing the research to understand fundamental principles in multidisciplinary discipline subjects and create next-generation manufacturing methods and processes by using our core knowledge in manufacturing, precision engineering, metrology, mechatronics, and optics and academia and industry experiences. Our primary academic interests are developing precision engineering-inspired approaches to manufacturing and metrology and, reciprocally, to use these approaches to better understand learning and create new knowledge in precision machine systems. We will try any possible approaches to solving the current manufacturing problems and characterizing those limits such as accuracy, precision, long-term reliability and fatigue properties, and then, we will create new manufacturing methods and processes and push its limits at the end.

selected publications
Academic Articles37
  • Chun, H., Kim, J., Lee, C., & Kim, H. (2021). A monolithic linear motion platform driven by a piezoelectric and fluidic pressure-fed dual mechanism. Review of Scientific Instruments. 92(10), 105002-105002.
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  • Kim, J., Lee, S., Chun, H., & Lee, C. (2021). Compact curved-edge displacement sensor-embedded spindle system for machining process monitoring. Journal of Manufacturing Processes. 64, 1255-1260.
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  • Chun, H., Kim, J., Kim, H., & Lee, C. (2021). Damping Characteristics of Fluidic Pressure-Fed Mechanism for Positioning Applications. Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement and Control. 143(11),
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  • Wang, Z., & Lee, C. (2021). Knife-edge interferogram analysis for corrosive wear propagation at sharp edges.. Applied Optics. 60(5), 1373-1379.
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  • Guo, X., & Lee, C. (2021). Preliminary study of phase-shifting strobo-stereoscopy for cutting tool monitoring. Journal of Manufacturing Processes. 64, 1214-1222.
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  • Lee, C. (2016). Long-Range Nano-Scanning Devices Based on Optical Sensing Technology. Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devices II. 495-522. Springer International Publishing.
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Conference Papers28
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  • Lee, C., Tarbutton, J., & Schmitz, T. L. (2018). An investigation of cosine error for scanning probe measurements of freeform surfaces. 466-470.
  • Kirkpatrick, M. B., Tarbutton, J. A., Le, T., & Lee, C. (2016). Characterization of 3D Printed Piezoelectric Sensors. PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE SENSORS 2004, VOLS 1-3. 1-3.
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