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My laboratory conducts research in two areas of molecular and cellular medicine: the mechanism through which primary human endothelial cells invade into 3D matrices, and communication between invading endothelial cells and their surrounding 3D collagen matrix.

selected publications
Academic Articles81
  • Roy, S., Banerjee, P., Ekser, B., Bayless, K., Zawieja, D., Alpini, G., Glaser, S. S., & Chakraborty, S. (2021). Targeting Lymphangiogenesis and Lymph Node Metastasis in Liver Cancer. The American Journal of Pathology. 191(12), 2052-2063.
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  • Mao, D. Y., Kleinjan, M. L., Jilishitz, I., Swaminathan, B., Obinata, H., Komarova, Y. A., ... Kitajewski, J. K. (2021). CLIC1 and CLIC4 mediate endothelial S1P receptor signaling to facilitate Rac1 and RhoA activity and function.. Sci Signal. 14(679),
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  • Dunlap, K. A., White, B. G., Erikson, D. W., Satterfield, M. C., Pfarrer, C., Wu, G., ... Johnson, G. A. (2020). FTY720, a sphingosine analog, altered placentome histoarchitecture in ewes.. J Anim Sci Biotechnol. 11(1), 2.
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  • Kumaravel, S., Abbey, C. A., Bayless, K. J., & Chakraborty, S. (2020). The β1-integrin plays a key role in LEC invasion in an optimized 3-D collagen matrix model.. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. 319(6), C1045-C1058.
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  • Fang, X., Ni, N., Gao, Y., Lydon, J. P., Ivanov, I., Rijnkels, M., Bayless, K. J., & Li, Q. (2020). Transforming growth factor beta signaling and decidual integrity in mice†.. Biol Reprod. 103(6), 1186-1198.
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Conference Papers6
  • Mendes, G. G., Howell, D. W., Tsai, S. P., Bayless, K. J., & Bondos, S. E. (2019). Engineering ubx-based materials to promote and guide neovascularization. Transactions of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials and the Annual International Biomaterials Symposium. 40, 26.
  • Kang, H., Kwak, H., Kaunas, R., & Bayless, K. J. (2010). Effects of Fluid Shear Stress on Endothelial Cell Invasion Into Three-Dimensional Matrices. ASME 2010 Summer Bioengineering Conference, Parts A and B, ASME 2010 Summer Bioengineering Conference. (PARTS A AND B), 427-428.
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  • Kang, H., Bayless, K. J., & Kaunas, R. (2008). Fluid Shear Stress Modulates S1P-Induced Endothelial Cell Invasion Into Three-Dimensional Matrices. ASME 2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference, Parts A and B, ASME 2008 Summer Bioengineering Conference. (PART B), 943-944.
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  • Clarke, D., Stack, J., Bayless, K., & Bix, G. (2008). Endorepellin and endostatin affect the neurovascular unit in vitro. JOURNAL OF NEUROCHEMISTRY. 104, 77-77.
  • Larson, A. M., Lee, P., Lee, A., Bayless, K. J., & Yeh, A. T. (2008). Fiber Optically Delivered Laser Pulses for Multispectral Nonlinear Optical Microscopy. Frontiers in Optics 2008/Laser Science XXIV/Plasmonics and Metamaterials/Optical Fabrication and Testing, Frontiers in Optics. ftux1.
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  • Bondos, S., Bayless, K., Matthews, K., Patterson, J., Abbey, C., Howell, D., ... Northern, K. (2021). Functionalized protein-based materials and their uses.
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