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My research in applied and computational mathematics lies at the interface between rigorous applied analysis and physical applications. Most of my work has been focused on the development of analytical and computational techniques for investigating nonlinear phenomena. Specifically, in studying the Euler and the Navier-Stokes equations of incompressible and compressible fluids, and other related nonlinear partial differential equations. Such equations arise as models in a wide range of applications in nonlinear science and engineering. The applications include, but are not limited to, fluid mechanics, oceanic and atmospheric dynamics and their coupling with moisture micro-physics in clouds formation, turbulence, chemical reactions, nonlinear fiber optics, control theory and data assimilation for weather and climate prediction.

selected publications
Academic Articles168
  • Cao, C., Guo, Y., & Titi, E. S. (2021). Global well-posedness for a rapidly rotating convection model of tall columnar structure in the limit of infinite Prandtl number. Journal of Evolution Equations. 21(3), 2923-2954.
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  • Ibrahim, S., Lin, Q., & Titi, E. S. (2021). Finite-time blowup and ill-posedness in Sobolev spaces of the inviscid primitive equations with rotation. Journal of Differential Equations. 286, 557-577.
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  • Li, J., & Titi, E. S. (2016). Recent Advances Concerning Certain Class of Geophysical Flows. Handbook of Mathematical Analysis in Mechanics of Viscous Fluids. 1-39. Springer International Publishing.
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  • Holst, M. J., & Titi, E. S. (1997). Determining projections and functionals for weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations. Contemporary Mathematics. Recent Developments in Optimization Theory and Nonlinear Analysis. 125-138. American Mathematical Society.
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Conference Papers7
  • Ros-Soto, K. R., Castillo-Chavez, C., Neubert, M. G., Titi, E. S., & Yakubu, A. (2006). Epidemic spread in populations at demographic equilibrium. MATHEMATICAL STUDIES ON HUMAN DISEASE DYNAMICS: EMERGING PARADIGMS AND CHALLENGES. 410, 297-309.
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  • Olson, E., & Titi, E. S. (2003). Determining Modes for Continuous Data Assimilation in 2D Turbulence. Journal of Statistical Physics. 113(5/6), 799-840.
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  • CAO, C., & TITI, E. S. (2002). ASYMPTOTIC BEHAVIOR OF VISCOUS 1D SCALAR CONSERVATION LAWS WITH NEUMANN BOUNDARY CONDITIONS. Mathematics and Mathematics Education, Proceedings of the Third International Palestinian Conference. 306-324.
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  • Shvartsman, S. Y., Rico-Martinez, R., Titi, E. S., Theodoropoulos, C., Mountziaris, T. J., & Kevrekidis, I. G. (1999). Order reduction of nonlinear dynamic models for distributed reacting systems. DYNAMICS & CONTROL OF PROCESS SYSTEMS 1998, VOLUMES 1 AND 2. 637-644.
  • Doelman, A., & Titi, E. S. (1993). Exponential Convergence of the Galerkin Approximation for the Ginzburg-Landau Equation. ASYMPTOTIC AND NUMERICAL METHODS FOR PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS WITH CRITICAL PARAMETERS. 384, 241-252.
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