Mechanical Engineering | Academic Department| Organization individual record
Research Areas:
Mixing, Inertial confinement fusion, Fluids, Fluid-structure interaction, Production engineering, Geothermal well drilling, Vibration, Tribology--Research, Structural dynamics, Aerodynamics, Hypersonic, Resilience (Ecology), Organizational resilience, Structural health monitoring, Frequencies of oscillating systems, Multiscale modeling, High performance computing, Water quality management, Design, Abdominal aneurysm, Smart materials, Nondestructive testing, Nanophotonics, Biomedical materials, Detonation waves, Hemodynamics, Space vehicles--Propulsion systems, Fluid dynamics, Bones--Mechanical properties, Pulmonary hypertension, Biomechanics, Water treatment plants, Plasmonics, Continuum damage mechanics, Computational fluid dynamics, Vehicles, Remotely piloted, Mass spectrometry, Vibration (Aeronautics), Mechanical chemistry, Machine learning, Engineering design, Cylinder seals, System analysis, Fluid dynamics--Mathematical models, Nanotechnology, Sterilization, Tissues--Mechanical properties, Combinatorial optimization, Lubrication and lubricants industry, Magnetohydrodynamics, Pulsed power systems, Electroporation, Optoelectronics, Industrial ecology, Sustainability, Systems engineering, Petroleum refineries, Composite materials, Energy harvesting, Rotors--Dynamics, Plasma (Ionized gases), Circular economy, Additive manufacturing, Multiphase flow, Modeling, Wound healing, Smart structures, Vibration--Measurement, Electron beams, Metamaterials, Regenerative medicine, Metrology, Gas-lubricated bearings, Bearings (Machinery), Fluid mechanics, Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, Motor vehicles--Dynamics, Hemodynamics--Computer simulation, Cell adhesion, Nanocomposites (Materials), Human mechanics, Feedback control systems--Mathematical models, Drug delivery systems, Hazardous waste site remediation--Technological innovations, Hydrogen, Biomimicry, Fluid-film bearings