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  • Aguirre, B. C., Chen, J., Kontogiorgos, E. D., Murchison, D. F., & Nagy, W. W (2020). Flexural strength of denture base acrylic resins processed by conventional and CAD-CAM methods.. J Prosthet Dent. 123(4), 641-646.
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  • Nagy, W. W., & Goldstein, G. R (2019). Facebow Use in Clinical Prosthodontic Practice.. J Prosthodont. 28(7), 772-774.
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  • Zeller, S., Guichet, D., Kontogiorgos, E., & Nagy, W. W (2019). Accuracy of three digital workflows for implant abutment and crown fabrication using a digital measuring technique.. J Prosthet Dent. 121(2), 276-284.
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  • Duan, Y., Gonzalez, J. A., Kulkarni, P. A., Nagy, W. W., & Griggs, J. A (2018). Fatigue lifetime prediction of a reduced-diameter dental implant system: Numerical and experimental study.. Dent Mater. 34(9), 1299-1309.
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