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Dr. Fatima Alshbool is an Assistant Professor, who joined the Rangel College of Pharmacy in February 2020. She is a pharmacist and a pharmacologist by training, having received her Pharm.D. degree (2006) from Jordan University of Science & Technology and her PhD degree (2014) from Loma Linda University. Dr. Alshbool's research program is focused on studying cardiovascular/thromboembolic disorders, such as heart attacks and stroke, particularly as they relate to platelet activation and signal transduction, including in the context of environmental health. One of her laboratory's main areas of focus has been investigating the impact of a relatively new form of tobacco smoking, namely e-cigarettes on platelet biology and associated diseases. She is also interested in defining the structural biology of platelet G-protein Coupled Receptors; amongst others. Dr. Alshbool's ultimate goal is to identify new therapeutic agents for the prevention or treatment of cardiovascular disease, and to gain insight into the negative impact of "tobacco" exposure on cardiovascular health.

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  • Ali, H., Alarabi, A. B., Karim, Z. A., Rodriguez, V., Hernandez, K. R., Lozano, P. A., ... Khasawneh, F. T (2021). In utero thirdhand smoke exposure modulates platelet function in a sex-dependent manner. Haematologica. 107(1), 312-315.
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  • Flores, R. J., Alshbool, F. Z., Giner, P., O'Dell, L. E., & Mendez, I. A (2021). Exposure to nicotine vapor produced by an electronic nicotine delivery system causes short-term increases in impulsive choice in adult male rats.. Nicotine Tob Res. 24(3), 358-365.
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  • Alarabi, A., Ali, H., Karim, Z., Rodriguez, V., Hernandez, K., Lozano, P., Alshbool, F., & Khasawneh, F (2021). Investigation of the Mechanistic Impact of Prenatal Exposure to Thirdhand Smoke on Platelet Activation. The FASEB Journal. 35(S1),
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  • Daugherty, A (2021). Recipients of the 2021 Early Career Investigator Awards.. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 41(5), 1595-1595.
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  • Lozano, P., Garcia, S., Boakye, E., Kingbong, H., Naddour, E., Alarabi, A., Khasawneh, F., & Alshbool, F (2021). The Antidepressant Duloxetine Inhibits Platelet Function and Protects against Thrombosis. The FASEB Journal. 35(S1),
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