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  • Jungers, J. M., Schiffner, S., Sheaffer, C., Ehlke, N. J., DeHaan, L., Torrion, J., Noland, R. L., & Franco, J. G. (2022). Effects of seeding date on grain and biomass yield of intermediate wheatgrass. AGRONOMY JOURNAL. 114(4), 2342-2351.
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  • Noland, R. L. (2022). Rye grain response to nitrogen fertilizer and seeding rate. AGROSYSTEMS GEOSCIENCES & ENVIRONMENT. 5(1),
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  • Foster, D. C., Dotray, P. A., Baughman, T. A., Byrd, S. A., Culpepper, A. S., Dodds, D. M., ... Thompson, C. N. (2021). Performance of tank-mix partners with isoxaflutole across the Cotton Belt. WEED TECHNOLOGY. 35(6), 1014-1022.
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  • Jungers, J. M., Kaiser, D. E., Lamb, J., Lamb, J. A., Noland, R. L., Samac, D. A., Wells, M. S., & Sheaffer, C. C. (2019). Potassium Fertilization Affects Alfalfa Forage Yield, Nutritive Value, Root Traits, and Persistence. AGRONOMY JOURNAL. 111(6), 2843-2852.
  • Noland, R. L., Wells, M. S., Sheaffer, C. C., Baker, J. M., Martinson, K. L., & Coulter, J. A (2018). Establishment and Function of Cover Crops Interseeded into Corn. Crop Science. 58(2), 863-873.
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