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  • Chaki, S. P., Kahl-McDonagh, M. M., Neuman, B. W., & Zuelke, K. A. (2022). Receptor-Binding-Motif-Targeted Sanger Sequencing: a Quick and Cost-Effective Strategy for Molecular Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 Variants.. Microbiol Spectr. 10(3), e0066522-e00622.
  • Rajil, N., Esmaeili, S., Neuman, B. W., Nessler, R., Wu, H., Yi, Z., ... Scully, M. O. (2022). Quantum optical immunoassay: upconversion nanoparticle-based neutralizing assay for COVID-19.. Sci Rep. 12(1), 1263.
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  • Cao, W., Cho, C., Geng, Z. Z., Shaabani, N., Ma, X. R., Vatansever, E. C., ... Liu, W. R. (2022). Evaluation of SARS-CoV-2 Main Protease Inhibitors Using a Novel Cell-Based Assay.. ACS Cent Sci. 8(2), 192-204.
  • Rajil, N., Sokolov, A., Yi, Z., Adams, G., Agarwal, G., Belousov, V., ... Scully, M. (2021). A fiber optic-nanophotonic approach to the detection of antibodies and viral particles of COVID-19. NANOPHOTONICS. 10(1), 235-246.
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  • Neuman, B. W., Brashear, W. A., Brun, M., Chaki, S. P., Fischer, R., Guidry, S. J., ... Zuelke, K. (2021). Case Report: Paucisymptomatic College-Age Population as a Reservoir for Potentially Neutralization-Resistant Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Variants.. Am J Trop Med Hyg. 105(5), 1227-1229.
  • Johnson, M. A., Chatterjee, A., Neuman, B. W., & Wüthrich, K. (2021). SARS Coronavirus Unique Domain: Three-Domain Molecular Architecture in Solution and RNA Binding. NMR with Biological Macromolecules in Solution. 155-173. World Scientific Publishing.
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  • Neuman, B. W., & Buchmeier, M. J. (2016). Supramolecular Architecture of the Coronavirus Particle.. ADVANCES IN VIRUS RESEARCH, VOL 96: CORONAVIRUSES. 1-27. Elsevier.
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  • Dent, S., & Neuman, B. W. (2015). Purification of coronavirus virions for Cryo-EM and proteomic analysis.. CORONAVIRUSES: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS. 99-108. Springer Nature.
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  • Neuman, B. W., Adair, B. D., Yeager, M., & Buchmeier, M. J. (2008). Purification and electron cryomicroscopy of coronavirus particles.. SARS- and Other Coronaviruses. 129-136. Springer Nature.
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  • Neuman, B. W. (2007). Supramolecular Architecture of the Coronavirus Particle. Nidoviruses. 201-210. American Society for Microbiology.
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  • Rajil, N., Esmaeili, S., Neuman, B. W., Nessler, R., Wu, H., Yi, Z., ... Scully, M. O. (2021). Quantum Optical Immunoassay: Upconversion Nanoparticle-based Neutralizing Assay for COVID-19.
  • Gorbalenya, A. E., Baker, S. C., Baric, R. S., de Groot, R. J., Drosten, C., Gulyaeva, A. A., ... Ziebuhr, J. (2020). Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus: The species and its viruses a statement of the Coronavirus Study Group.
  • Alrashedi, H., Jones, I., Mulley, G., & Neuman, B. W. (2017). Bioinformatics analysis for L polymerase homology of arenaviruses.
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