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My laboratory works in two research areas. First, we are combining biophysical and genetic approaches to understand how proteins use unstructured regions to sense cellular information and respond by adjusting their function. We developed methods to purify Ultrabithorax, a full-length, active Hox transcription factor, and have used this unique opportunity to investigate the role of intramolecular regulatory interactions in tissue-specific protein regulation. Second, we discovered methods to self-assemble Ultrabithorax into robust, extensible materials that are biocompatible and provide unique opportunities for functionalization. These materials are being developed for use as biosensors and to pattern and instruct vascularization in tissue engineering scaffolds.

selected publications
Academic Articles34
  • Bondos, S. E., Dunker, A. K., & Uversky, V. N (2021). On the roles of intrinsically disordered proteins and regions in cell communication and signaling. Cell Communication and Signaling. 19(1), 88.
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  • Booth, R., Churion, K., Bystroff, C., & Bondos, S (2020). Binding, Release, and Detection of Ligands by Ultrabithorax Protein‐Based Materials. The FASEB Journal. 34(S1), 1-1.
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  • Bondos, S., Churion, K., Booth, R., & Tippelt, S (2020). Shape-Shifting to Regulate and Diversify Transcription Factor Function. Biophysical Journal. 118(3), 480a-481a.
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  • Mendes, G. G., Booth, R. M., Pattison, D. L., Alvarez, A. J., & Bondos, S. E (2018). Generating Novel Materials Using the Intrinsically Disordered Protein Ubx.. Methods Enzymol. 611(International Journal of Molecular Sciences 1), 583-605.
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  • Bondos, S., Howell, D., Tsai, S., & Bayless, K (2018). Functionalizing Protein‐based Materials with Biomolecules. The FASEB Journal. 32(S1), 230.1-230.1.
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  • Bondos, S. E., Geraldo Mendes, G., & Jons, A (2020). Context-dependent HOX transcription factor function in health and disease.. GENES AND OBESITY. Dancing Protein Clouds: Intrinsically Disordered Proteins in Health and Disease, Part B. 225-262. Elsevier.
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  • Churion, K., Liu, Y., Hsiao, H., Matthews, K. S., & Bondos, S. E (2014). Measuring Hox-DNA binding by electrophoretic mobility shift analysis.. Methods Mol Biol. Methods in Molecular Biology. 211-230. Springer New York.
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  • Bondos, S. E., & Churion, K. A. (2012). Identifying solubility-promoting buffers for intrinsically proteins prior to purification. Uversky, V. N., & Dunker, A. K. (Eds.), Intrinsically Disordered Protein Analysis Volume 2, Methods and Experimental Tools. 415-427. Humana Press.
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  • Bondos, S. E., & Hsiao, H. (2012). Roles for intrinsic disorder and fuzziness in generating context-specific function in Ultrabithorax, a Hox transcription factor.. MATHEMATICAL MODELLING IN EXPERIMENTAL NUTRITION. Fuxreiter, M., & Tompa, P. (Eds.), Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology. 86-105. Springer US.
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Conference Papers10
  • Bondos, S. E (2019). The critical role of intrinsic disorder in creating bioactive materials. JOURNAL OF BIOMOLECULAR STRUCTURE & DYNAMICS. 37, 10-11.
  • Banerjee, S., Jordan, T. B., Fraser, K., Reimertz, J., Crone, E. E., Bunn, A. L., ... Bystroff, C (2019). Computationally Guided Rational Design of LOO-GFP Biosensors and Biosensor Materials. Biophysical Journal. 116(3), 443a-443a.
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  • Liu, Y., Huang, A., Booth, R., Mendes, G., Merchant, Z., Matthews, K. S., & Bondos, S. E (2019). Evolution of the Intrinsically Disordered Activation Domain in a Hox Transcription Factor. Biophysical Journal. 116(3), 178a-179a.
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  • Booth, R. M., Churion, K., Alvarez, A. J., Ramasamy, S., & Bondos, S. E. (2019). Dna delivery to cells by ultabithorax protein-based materials. Transactions of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials and the Annual International Biomaterials Symposium. 40, 571.
  • Mendes, G. G., Howell, D. W., Tsai, S. P., Bayless, K. J., & Bondos, S. E. (2019). Engineering ubx-based materials to promote and guide neovascularization. Transactions of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Biomaterials and the Annual International Biomaterials Symposium. 40, 26.
  • Bondos, S., Bayless, K., Matthews, K., Patterson, J., Abbey, C., Howell, D., ... Northern, K. (2021). Functionalized protein-based materials and their uses.
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