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  • Tucker, H. J. (2014). Visualizing timescape issues in a comparative study of the American states. International Review of Administrative Sciences. 80(3), 533-552.
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  • Tucker, H. J. (2005). The Use of Consent Calendars in American State Legislatures. Journal of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries. 11(1), 13-21.
  • Tucker, H. J. (2003). Legislative Logjams Reconsidered. Journal of the American Society of Legislative Clerks and Secretaries. 9(1), 3-6.
  • Weber, R. E., Tucker, H. J., & Brace, P. (1991). Vanishing Marginals in State Legislative Elections. Legislative Studies Quarterly. 16(1), 29-47.
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  • Tucker, H. J. (1989). Legislative Calendars and Workload Management in Texas. Journal of Politics. 51(3), 631-645.
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  • Tucker, H. J., & Weber, R. E. (1992). Electoral Change in U.S. States: System Versus Constituency Competition. Moncrief, G. F., & Thompson, J. A. (Eds.), Changing Patterns in State Legislative Careers. (pp. 75-86). University of Michigan Press.
  • Boss, M. O., Zeigler, H., Tucker, H. J., & Wilson II, L. A. (1976). Professionalism, Community Structure and Decision-Making: School Superintendents and Interest Groups. Gove, S. K., & Wirt, F. M. (Eds.), Political Science and School Politics: The Princes and Pundits. (pp. 39-43). Transaction Publishers.
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