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  • Wang, J., Zhang, W., Liu, X., Kim, M., Zhang, K. e., & Tsai, R. (2023). Epigenome-wide analysis of aging effects on liver regeneration.. BMC Biol. 21(1), 30.
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  • Crawford, M., Liu, X., Cheng, Y., & Tsai, R. Y. (2021). Nucleostemin upregulation and STAT3 activation as early events in oral epithelial dysplasia progression to squamous cell carcinoma.. Neoplasia. 23(12), 1289-1299.
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  • Wang, J., McGrail, D. J., Bhupal, P. K., Zhang, W., Lin, K., Ku, Y., ... Tsai, R. (2020). Nucleostemin Modulates Outcomes of Hepatocellular Carcinoma via a Tumor Adaptive Mechanism to Genomic Stress.. Mol Cancer Res. 18(5), 723-734.
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