My expertise is alcohol-induced impairment and intoxication. Barry's research spans a variety of content areas associated with the assessment and measurement alcohol-related behaviors. Content areas include, but are not limited to, impaired driving and intoxication, protective behavioral strategies to minimize intoxication, and measurement of alcohol-related behaviors (i.e., use of single-item scales, visual cues of intoxication). I also specialize in the health of student service members/veterans in higher education.

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  • Barry, A. E., Russell, A. M., & Jackson, Z. A. (2020). Alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Men’s Health. (pp. 145-157). Routledge.
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  • Merianos, A. L., Barry, A. E., Oluwoye, O. A., & Jackson, Z. A. (2016). Examining the influence social norms have on binge drinking behavior among adolescents and young adults. Alcohol Consumption: Patterns, Influences and Health Effects. (pp. 65-82).
  • Barry, A. E. (2014). Drug Abuse Prevention Programs for Children. Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health Promotion. (pp. 636-647). Springer US.
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