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Academic Articles7
  • Escamilla, E. F., Ostadalimakhmalbaf, M., Pariafsai, F., Ranka, N., Danesh, M., & Naderi Alizadeh, M (2018). Impact of Using iPad Tablets in a Construction Communication Graphics Class: Evaluation Based on System Usability Scale. Journal of Educational Technology Systems. 47(1), 32-49.
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  • Escamilla, E., Ostadalimakhmalbaf, M., & Bigelow, B. F (2016). Factors Impacting Hispanic High School Students and How to Best Reach Them for the Careers in the Construction Industry. International Journal of Construction Education and Research. 12(2), 82-98.
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  • Bigelow, B. F., Escamilla, E., & Kucker, L (2015). Construction Degree Graduates: An Evaluation of Depth of Skill Understanding and Skill Priority by Construction Industry Professionals. The Professional Constructor. 39(2), 37-45.
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  • Bilbo, D., Bigelow, B., Escamilla, E., & Lockwood, C (2015). Comparison of Construction Manager at Risk and Integrated Project Delivery Performance on Healthcare Projects: A Comparative Case Study. International Journal of Construction Education and Research. 11(1), 40-53.
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  • Bilbo, D., Escamilla, E., Bigelow, B. F., & Garcia, J (2014). Impacts of House Bill 56 on the Construction Economy in Alabama. The Professional Constructor. 38(1), 34-46.
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Conference Papers2
  • Saseendran, A., Ostadalimakhmalbaf, M., Escamilla, E., Alsofiani, M. A., Awolusi, I., Nichols, J., Farland-Smith, D., & Agrawal, A (2020). What Does a Construction Manager Look Like? Perceptions of Hispanic High School Students and Parents. Construction Research Congress 2020, Construction Research Congress 2020. 819-828.
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  • Danesh, M., Escamilla, E., Pariafsai, F., & Ostadalimakhmalbaf, M (2019). Characteristics of Glazing Layers of Double-Skin Facades and Energy Consumption: A Case Study in Arid Climate of Tehran. AEI 2019, AEI 2019. 204-215.
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