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Dr. Aramayo's laboratory is centered on understanding the function(s) of RNAs, especially non-coding RNAs in all aspects of Biology. While the initial work was based on studying Meiotic Silencing in Neurospora, it became immediately clear that the RNA silencing mechanism invoked by this very unusual genetic phenomenon had been adapted and evolved to fulfill key highly-related roles in all eukaryotic cells. The complexity of the problem demanded the use of the most sophisticated molecular tools, especially Next Generation DNA Sequencing and the manipulation of the emerging information. In the process of mastering these computational tools and techniques, the Aramayo lab branched into studying the Computational Genomics aspect of these problems. The expertise thus generated could clearly be applied to all organisms and/or other systems. The Aramayo laboratory thus established active collaborations with researchers studying the biology of RNAs in Neurobiology, Muscular Distrophy and Cell Cycle. The computational expertise of this laboratory has also generated an active collaboration with Materials Sciences. The wet-lab aspect of this laboratory is still centered on understanding Meiotic Silencing, one of the most amazing and intriguing mechanisms observed in meiotic cells of eukaryotic organisms. The long term objective of our work is to understand meiotic silencing in Neurospora and to map its connections with the meiotic silencing observed in other organisms.

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Academic Articles32
  • Mateos, M., Silva, N. O., Ramirez, P., Higareda-Alvear, V. M., Aramayo, R., & Erickson, J. W. (2019). Effect of heritable symbionts on maternally-derived embryo transcripts.. Sci Rep. 9(1), 8847.
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  • Aramayo, R., & Polymenis, M. (2017). Ribosome profiling the cell cycle: lessons and challenges.. Curr Genet. 63(6), 959-964.
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  • Blank, H. M., Perez, R., He, C., Maitra, N., Metz, R., Hill, J., ... Polymenis, M. (2017). Translational control of lipogenic enzymes in the cell cycle of synchronous, growing yeast cells.. EMBO J. 36(4), 487-502.
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Conference Papers1
  • Sauceda, D., Arroyave, R., Chaudhary, N., Karaman, I., Youssef, S., Dima, A., Aramayo, R., & Perez, R. (2015). Materials data curation: Introduction proceedings. Materials Science and Technology Conference and Exhibition 2015, MS and T 2015. 2, 1283-1286.
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  • Polymenis, M., & Aramayo, R. (2015). Translate to divide: ontrol of the cell cycle by protein synthesis.. Microbial Cell.
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