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  • Koswatta, T. J., Wingenbach, G., Leggette, H. R., & Murphrey, T. P. (2022). Factors affecting public perception of scientific information about organic foods. British Food Journal.
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  • Wingenbach, G., & Richardson, T (2022). U.S. Midwesterners' knowledge and perception of U.S.-China agricultural trade issues. Research in Higher Education. 42, 1-21.
  • Vetter, A., & Wingenbach, G. (2019). Self-perceived employability skills from agricultural study abroad experiences. Nacta Journal. 63(1a), 164-172.
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  • Fath, K. L., Koswatta, T. J., & Wingenbach, G. (2018). Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Change: Employing the Livelihood Vulnerability Index in Bluefields, Jamaica. Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education. 25(2), 115-131.
  • Bielecki, C., Wingenbach, G., & Koswatta, T. (2018). Undergraduates' Perceived Interest and Factors Affecting Participation in Selected High-Impact Experiences. Research in Higher Education Journal. 34,
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  • Wingenbach, G., Koswatta, T., Engels, J., & Hoeft, C (2021). EFFECTS OF EMOTIONAL BACKPACK TRAIN-THE-TRAINER PROGRAM TO ADDRESS STUDENTS BEHAVIORAL HEALTH DEVELOPMENT IN SELECTED TEXAS SCHOOLS. EDULEARN Proceedings, 13th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies. 1, 7299-7299.
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