My research focuses on the data science of using massive secondary datasets to address specific questions in social, beharvioural, economic, and health sciences. Some refer to this relatively new field as population informatics.

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  • Kum, H. C., Ahalt, S., & Pathak, D. (2013). Privacy-preserving data integration using decoupled data. Security and Privacy in Social Networks. (pp. 225-253). Springer New York.
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  • Kum, H. C., Chang, J. H., & Wang, W. (2007). Intelligent sequential mining via alignment: Optimization techniques for very large DB. ADVANCED DATA MINING AND APPLICATIONS, PROCEEDINGS. (pp. 587-597).
  • Kum, H., Paulsen, S., & Wang, W. (2005). Comparative Study of Sequential Pattern Mining Models. Lin, T. Y., Ohsuga, S., Liau, C. J., Hu, X., & Tsumoto, S. (Eds.), Foundations of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery. (pp. 43-70). Springer Science %26 Business Media.
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  • Nyland, L., Prins, J., Yun, R. H., Hermans, J., Kum, H. C., & Wang, L. (1998). Modeling dynamic load balancing in molecular dynamics to achieve scalable parallel execution. ADVANCED DATA MINING AND APPLICATIONS, PROCEEDINGS. (pp. 356-365).
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Hye Chung
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Texas A&M Health Science Center; Health Policy And Management; 1266 TAMUS
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