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  • Goldsmith, C. L., Kang, K. E., Heitman, E., Adelman, Z. N., Buchman, L. W., Kerns, D., ... Vedlitz, A. (2022). Stakeholder Views on Engagement, Trust, Performance, and Risk Considerations About Use of Gene Drive Technology in Agricultural Pest Management. Health Security. 20(1), 6-15.
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  • Santiago-Gonzlez, J. C., Kerns, D. L., Head, G. P., & Yang, F. (2022). Effective dominance and redundant killing of single- and dual-gene resistant populations of Helicoverpa zea on pyramided Bt corn and cotton.. Pest Manag Sci. (10), 4333-4339.
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  • Yang, F., Kerns, D. L., Little, N., Brown, S. A., Stewart, S. D., Catchot, A. L., ... Tabashnik, B. E. (2022). Practical resistance to Cry toxins and efficacy of Vip3Aa in Bt cotton against Helicoverpa zea.. Pest Manag Sci.
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  • Kerns, D. D., Yang, F., Kerns, D. L., & Stewart, S. D. (2022). Evaluation of Bt resistance in Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) strains using various Bt cotton plant tissues. Pest Management Science. 78(1), 95-103.
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