Dr. Elwany's broad research interests are in the modeling, analysis, and control of advanced manufacturing processes and systems, with particular emphasis on metal additive manufacturing, uncertainty quantification (UQ), reliability engineering, and maintenance management and prognostics. His research has been supported by leading organizations including NASA, Airfoce Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Netherlands Institute for Scientific Research (NWO), and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

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Academic Articles36
  • Lin, W., Franco, B. E., Karaman, I., Elwany, A., & Ma, J. i (2019). Evolution of mechanical behavior of magnesium alloy infiltrated 3D-printed CoCr scaffolds under corrosion in simulated body fluid.. Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl. 105, 109747-109747.
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  • Eliseeva, O. V., Kirk, T., Samimi, P., Malak, R., Arróyave, R., Elwany, A., & Karaman, I (2019). Functionally Graded Materials through robotics-inspired path planning. Materials & Design. 182, 107975-107975.
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  • Johnson, L., Mahmoudi, M., Zhang, B., Seede, R., Huang, X., Maier, J. T., ... Arróyave, R (2019). Assessing printability maps in additive manufacturing of metal alloys. Acta Materialia. 176, 199-210.
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  • Ghosh, S., Mahmoudi, M., Johnson, L., Elwany, A., Arroyave, R., & Allaire, D. (2019). Uncertainty analysis of microsegregation during laser powder bed fusion. Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering. 27(3), 034002-034002.
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Conference Papers7
  • Kotb, A., Ali, M., Aziz Ezzat, A., Elwany, A., & Nasr-El-Din, H (2018). A Computational Fluid Dynamics Model for Simulating the Rotating Disk Apparatus. Day 3 Wed, December 12, 2018, SPE International Heavy Oil Conference and Exhibition.
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  • Yadollahi, A., Shamsaei, N., Thompson, S. M., Elwany, A., & Bian, L (2015). Mechanical and Microstructural Properties of Selective Laser Melted 17-4 PH Stainless Steel. Volume 2A: Advanced Manufacturing, ASME 2015 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. 2A-2015, v02at02a014-v02at02a014.
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  • Masoomi, M., Gao, X., Thompson, S. M., Shamsaei, N., Bian, L., & Elwany, A (2015). Modeling, Simulation and Experimental Validation of Heat Transfer During Selective Laser Melting. Volume 2A: Advanced Manufacturing, ASME 2015 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition. 2A-2015, v02at02a007-v02at02a007.
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  • Avnet, M. S., & Elwany, A (2015). Additive manufacturing of complex products by dsm-based analysis of architectures. IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2015. 2872-2881.
  • Elwany, A., Karaman, I., & Arroyave, R (2015). Material certification through a synergistic experimental monitoring and microstructure modeling approach. Proceedings - ASPE 2015 Spring Topical Meeting: Achieving Precision Tolerances in Additive Manufacturing. 106-109.
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  • Mahmoudi, M., Tapia, G., Karayagiz, K., Franco, B., Ma, J. i., Arroyave, R., Karaman, I., & Elwany, A (2018). Multivariate Calibration and Experimental Validation of a 3D Finite Element Thermal Model for Laser Powder Bed Fusion Metal Additive Manufacturing. Integrating Materials and Manufacturing Innovation.
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