My primary research interest is focused on the precursors and longitudinal consequences of early interests in science-related fields.

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  • Neitzel, C. L., Alexander, J. M., & Johnson, K. E. (2019). The emergence of children's interest orientations during early childhood: When predisposition meets opportunity. Learning Culture and Social Interaction. 23, 100271-100271.
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  • Alexander, J., Plummer, L., & McLeod, J. (2018). Addressing gendered practices through women's writing groups. Academe. 104(3), 23-26.
  • Neitzel, C., Alexander, J., & Johnson, K. (2017). The influence of early interest orientations and time on kindergartners’ academic monitoring and information-seeking behaviors. Journal of Early Childhood Research. 15(4), 389-409.
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  • Neitzel, C., Alexander, J. M., & Johnson, K. E. (2016). Young Children’s Interest-Oriented Activity and Later Academic Self-Regulation Strategies in Kindergarten. Journal of Research in Childhood Education. 30(4), 474-493.
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  • Ford, J. M., Jones, M. H., & Alexander, J. M. (2015). After-school interests, achievement goal orientation, and peers in a predominantly African American School. The Journal of Negro Education. 84(4), 547-563.
  • Alexander, J. M., Johnson, K. E., Scott, B., & Meyer, R. D. (2008). Stegosaurus and spoonbills: Mechanisms for transfer across biological domains. Meta-Cognition: A Recent Review of Research, Theory and Perspectives. 63-83.
  • Shih, S. S., Wang, C. H., & Alexander, J. M. (2006). The applicability of western motivation models to the Taiwanese context. Trends in Educational Psychology. 155-183.
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