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Professor and Dean

As a board certified advanced public health nurse, Dr. Fahrenwald has worked in collaboration with local, state, regional and national organizations and groups to translate research evidence into sustainable programs that support tobacco cessation and prevention, improve access to primary health care, and impact chronic disease prevention and control. She has led or provided consultation to 30 funded research or training projects. Her extensive experience with multiple federal agencies focuses on rural health care access and the needs of underserved populations, especially organ and tissue donation education for American Indians.

selected publications
Academic Articles45
  • Fahrenwald, N. L., Liska, D. J., Geismar, K., & Stover, P. J. (2022). Dual RN-RDN program: Training for the future of health and nutrition. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. 47, 288-292.
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  • Britt, B. C., Britt, R. K., Anderson, J., Fahrenwald, N., & Harming, S. (2022). Finding the Invisible Leader: When A Priori Opinion Leader Identification is Impossible. Communication Reports. 35(1), 38-52.
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  • Britt, R. K., Britt, B. C., Anderson, J., Fahrenwald, N., & Harming, S. (2020). "Sharing Hope and Healing": A Culturally Tailored Social Media Campaign to Promote Living Kidney Donation and Transplantation Among Native Americans.. Health Promot Pract. 22(6), 1524839920974580-795.
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  • Anderson, J., Britt, R. K., Britt, B. C., Harming, S., & Fahrenwald, N. (2020). Native Americans' Memorable Conversations About Living Kidney Donation and Transplant.. Qual Health Res. 30(5), 679-692.
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  • Conn, V. S., McCarthy, A. M., Cohen, M. Z., Anderson, C. M., Killion, C., DeVon, H. A., ... Anderson, E. A. (2019). Pearls and Pitfalls of Team Science.. West J Nurs Res. 41(6), 920-940.
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  • (2009). Intervention Research With American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nations Communities. Understanding Organ Donation. 132-147. Wiley-blackwell.
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Conference Papers6
  • (2012). Development and Evaluation of a Health Empowerment Program to Improve Depression and Meaning in Life. MEDICINE AND SCIENCE IN SPORTS AND EXERCISE. 44, 326-326.
  • Wosie, K. S., Binkley, T. L., Fahrenwald, N. L., & Specker, B. L. (2000). Comparison of pQCT bone geometry in Hutterite females with high DXA BMD vs. non-Hutterite females.. JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH. 15, S290-S290.
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  • (1999). High bone mineral density in the Hutterite population.. JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH. 14, S380-S380.
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