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My research focuses on global change and paleoclimates, stable isotope geochemistry, coastal environments past and present, hypoxia, isotope hydrology, past and present, biogeochemistry and geomicrobiology of aquifer systems.

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Academic Articles77
  • Grossman, E. L. (2012). Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy. The Geologic Time Scale 2012. (pp. 181-206). Elsevier.
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  • Grossman, E. L., Bruckschen, P., Mii, H. S., Chuvashov, B. I., Yancey, T. E., & Veizer, J. (2002). Carboniferous paleoclimate and global change: isotopic evidence from the Russian Platform. Carboniferous Stratigraphy and Paleogeography in Eurasia. Institute of Geology and Geochemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Urals Branch, Ekaterinburg. (pp. 61-71).
  • Grossman, E. L. (2002). Stable carbon isotopes as indicators of microbial activity in aquifers. Hurst, C. J., Crawford, R. L., Knudsen, G. R., McInerney, M. J., & Stetzenbach, L. D. (Eds.), Manual of Environmental Microbiology, 2nd Edition. (pp. 728-742). ASM Press.
  • Grossman, E. L., & Desrocher, S. (2001). Microbial Sulfur Cycling in Terrestrial Subsurface. Fredrickson, J. K., & Fletcher, M. (Eds.), Subsurface Microbiology and Biogeochemistry. (pp. 219-248). Wiley-Liss.
  • Harrison, T. M. (1999). 40Ar/39Ar dating method. Marshall, C. P., & Fairbridge, R. W. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Earth Science. (pp. 19-21). Kluwer Academic Publishers.
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