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Professor and Extension Specialist

Dr. Ellen Jordan is professor and Extension dairy specialist located at the Texas A&M Center in Dallas. She is also a member of the dairy science section in the Department of Animal Science.

Jordan coordinates research-based educational programs for dairy producers, and helps producers plan, execute and evaluate production and management systems. She also develops training and teaching materials to enhance and strengthen educational programs in dairy cattle production and management.

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  • Taylor, E. A., Jordan, E. R., Garcia, J. A., Hagevoort, G. R., Norman, K. N., Lawhon, S. D., Piñeiro, J. M., & Scott, H. M. (2019). Effects of two-dose ceftiofur treatment for metritis on the temporal dynamics of antimicrobial resistance among fecal Escherichia coli in Holstein-Friesian dairy cows.. PLoS ONE. 14(7), e0220068-e0220068.
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  • Clark, S., Daly, R., Jordan, E., Lee, J., Mathew, A., & Ebner, P. (2012). EXTENSION EDUCATION SYMPOSIUM: The future of biosecurity and antimicrobial use in livestock production in the United States and the role of extension. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 90(8), 2861-2872.
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  • Nennich, T. D., Crenwelge, J. R., Lambert, B. D., Cherry, N. M., & Jordan, E. R. (2010). CASE STUDY: Effects of Supplementing Injectable Trace Minerals on Dairy Calf Performance. The Professional Animal Scientist. 26(6), 667-671.
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  • Fosgate, G. T., Scott, H. M., & Jordan, E. R. (2007). Development of a method for Bayesian nonparametric ROC analysis with application to an ELISA for Johne's disease in dairy cattle.. Preventive Veterinary Medicine. 81(1-3), 178-193.
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