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  • McElreath, J. W., Benedict, M., & Tichenor, N. (2020). Cycloidal Rotor-Blade Tip-Vortex Analysis at Low Reynolds Number. AIAA Journal. 58(6), 2560-2570.
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  • Halder, A., Walther, C., & Benedict, M. (2018). Hydrodynamic modeling and experimental validation of a cycloidal propeller. Ocean Engineering. 154, 94-105.
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  • Halder, A., & Benedict, M. (2018). Role of Blade Flexibility on Cycloidal Rotor Hover Performance. Journal of Aircraft. 55(5), 1-19.
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  • Shrestha, E., Yeo, D., Benedict, M., & Chopra, I. (2017). Development of a meso-scale cycloidal-rotor aircraft for micro air vehicle application. International Journal of Micro Air Vehicles. (3), 218-231.
  • Benedict, M., Jarugumilli, T., & Chopra, I. (2016). Effects of Asymmetric Blade-Pitching Kinematics on Forward-Flight Performance of a Micro-Air-Vehicle-Scale Cycloidal-Rotor. Journal of Aircraft. 53(5), 1568-1573.
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Conference Papers72
  • Lee, B., Saj, V., Benedict, M., & Kalathil, D. (2021). A Deep Reinforcement Learning Control Strategy for Vision-based Ship Landing of Vertical Flight Aircraft. AIAA AVIATION 2021 FORUM, AIAA AVIATION 2021 FORUM.
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  • Walther, C. M., Coleman, D., & Benedict, M. (2018). Understanding Unsteady Aerodynamics of Cycloidal Rotors in Hover at Ultra-low Reynolds Numbers. 2018 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 2018 AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting. (210059),
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  • Coleman, D., & Benedict, M. (2018). A truly biomimetic hover-capable flapping wing robot. Annual Forum Proceedings - AHS International. 2018-May,
  • Yang, X., Badrya, C., Benedict, M., & Lankford, J. (2018). CFD analysis for flexible flapping wing in hover flight. Annual Forum Proceedings - AHS International. 2018-May,
  • Kellen, A., & Benedict, M. (2018). Effect of rotor geometry on UAV-scale cycloidal rotor hover performance. Annual Forum Proceedings - AHS International. 2018-May,
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