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The objectives of my research are: (1) discover knowledge of plant physiological processes pivotal to how a crop plant operates in producing the product of yield; (2) develop near-term technologies to minimize the effects of specific environmental factors on crop productivity; (3) develop near-term strategies to directly improve crop productivity/profitability; and (4) develop strategies for measuring novel characteristics that can be used to assist crop genetic improvement.

As a plant physiologist working with crops, I have dual, interdependent, obligations - one towards discovering and applying knowledge of how the crop plant and plant populations function and interact with the environment for the agronomic and genetic improvement of crop production at all scales - global to regional, the other towards 'troubleshooting' and improving specific production systems in the region (rice is the major crop where I am located) as part of an interdisciplinary team. Through discovery and application of knowledge of the physiology of crop plants, my research positively impacts the economics and sustainability of crop production, both locally and globally.

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