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Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
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Academic Articles52
  • Bynum, E. D., Nino, E., Vandiver, M., & Porter, P. (2017). Is Early Season Whorl-Stage Application of Acaricide a Viable Practice for Managing Spider Mites in Maize?. Southwestern Entomologist. 42(3), 651-664.
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  • Hao, B., Xue, Q., Marek, T. H., Jessup, K. E., Hou, X., Xu, W., Bynum, E. D., & Bean, B. W. (2016). Radiation-Use Efficiency, Biomass Production, and Grain Yield in Two Maize Hybrids Differing in Drought Tolerance. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science. 202(4), 269-280.
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  • Caprio, M. A., Martinez, J. C., Porter, P. A., & Bynum, E. d. (2016). The Impact of Inter-Kernel Movement in the Evolution of Resistance to Dual-Toxin Bt-Corn Varieties in Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).. J Econ Entomol. 109(1), 307-319.
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  • Hao, B., Xue, Q., Marek, T. H., Jessup, K. E., Becker, J., Hou, X., ... Howell, T. A. (2015). Water Use and Grain Yield in Drought‐Tolerant Corn in the Texas High Plains. Agronomy Journal. 107(5), 1922-1930.
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  • Bynum, E. D., Michels, J., MacDonald, J. C., & Bible, J. B. (2015). Impact of Banks Grass Mite1 Damage to Yield and Quality of Maize Silage. Southwestern Entomologist. 40(2), 251-262.
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Conference Papers2
  • Bynum, E. D., Archer, T. L., Lyle, W. M., Bordovsky, J. P., & Mustian, J. (2017). Advances in Application Efficacy for Chemigation Systems with Experimental Nozzle Technology. PESTICIDE FORMULATIONS AND APPLICATION SYSTEMS: FOURTEENTH VOLUME. 1234(1234), 82-82-11-92.
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  • Machado, S., Bynum, E. D., Archer, T. L., Bordovsky, J., Rosenow, D. T., Peterson, C., ... Segarra, E. (2002). Spatial and Temporal Variability of Sorghum Grain Yield: Influence of Soil, Water, Pests, and Diseases Relationships. Precision Agriculture. 3(4), 389-406.
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