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My research is focused on industrial organization, regulation, and Antitrust.

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  • Sengupta, A., & Wiggins, S. N (2014). Airline Pricing, Price Dispersion, and Ticket Characteristics On and Off the Internet. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. 6(1), 272-307.
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  • Karaca, Z., & Wiggins, S. N (2014). The Impacts of Breakthrough Drug Classes on Total Healthcare Expenditures. Journal of Health Economics and Outcomes Research. 1(3), 276-295.
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  • Sengupta, A., & Wiggins, S. N. (2012). Comparing Price Dispersion on and off the Internet Using Airline Transaction Data. Review of Network Economics. 11(1), 1-38.
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  • Wiggins, S. N., & Maness, R (2004). Price Competition in Pharmaceuticals: The Case of Anti-infectives. Economic Inquiry. 42(2), 247-263.
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  • Wiggins, S. N., & Maness, R (2004). Price competition in pharmaceuticals: The case of anti-infectives. ECONOMIC INQUIRY. 42(2), 247-263.
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  • Maness, R., & Wiggins, S. N. (2013). The Evolving Modern Theory of the Firm. Thomas, C. R., & Shughart, W. F. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Managerial Economics. 448-472. Oxford University Press.
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  • Hernandez, M. A., Sengupta, A., & Wiggins, S. N (2012). Chapter 2 Examining the Effect of Low-Cost Carriers on Nonlinear Pricing Strategies of Legacy Airlines. Advances in Airline Economics. 11-53. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
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  • Hernandez, M. A., Sengupta, A., & Wiggins, S. N (2012). Examining the effect of low-cost carriers on nonlinear pricing strategies of legacy airlines. Advances in Airline Economics. 11-53.
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  • Newmark, C (2009). Readings in Applied Microeconomics. Readings in Applied Microeconomics: The Power of the Market. 289-298. Routledge.
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  • Ringleb, A. H., Wiggins, S. L., & Morrison, J. C. (1993). Institutional Control and Large-scale, Long-term Hazards. Sniderman, M. S. (Eds.), Government Risk-Bearing. 1-19. Springer Netherlands.
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