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  • Bordin, A. I., Gressler, L. T., Alexander, E., Sule, P., Cirillo, J. D., Edwards, J. F., & Cohen, N. D. (2017). Guinea pig infection with the intracellular pathogen Rhodococcus equi. Veterinary Microbiology. 215, 18-22.
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  • Edwards, J. F., & Dubey, J. P. (2013). Toxoplasmosis: Does Recrudescence Occur in a Flock in Breeding Seasons after an Outbreak?. Journal of Comparative Pathology. 148(1), 52-52.
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  • Edwards, J. F., & Ralston, K. (2012). Adrenal Cortical Carcinomas in Beef Cattle at Slaughter. Journal of Comparative Pathology. 146(1), 58-58.
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  • Mendes Ricardo, R. E., Collens, M. T., & Edwards, J. F. (2010). DESCRIPTION OF INTESTINAL EMPHYSEMA AMONG PIGS FROM A SLAUGHTERHOUSE IN OKLAHOMA. Journal of Comparative Pathology. 143(4), 345-345.
  • Norman, T. E., Chaffin, M. K., Perris, E. E., Edwards, J. F., & David, J. B. (2006). Pulmonary thromboembolism in 5 horses.. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. 20(3), 801-801.
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