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  • Graul, L. M., Horn, S. J., Nash, L. D., Cheung, T. B., Clubb, F. J., & Maitland, D. J. (2022). Image-Based Evaluation of In Vivo Degradation for Shape-Memory Polymer Polyurethane Foam.. Polymers (Basel). 14(19), 4122-4122.
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  • Ginn-Hedman, A., Self, T. S., Jessen, S. L., Heaps, C. L., Weeks, B. R., & Clubb, F. J. (2022). Diffusible contrast-enhanced micro-CT improves visualization of stented vessels.. Cardiovasc Pathol. 60, 107428-107428.
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  • Ginn-Hedman, A., Jessen, S. L., Friedemann, M. C., Nichols, R. M., Maitland, D. J., & Clubb, F. J. (2021). Correlation of light microscopic findings with transmission electron microscopy within a vascular occlusion device.. Cardiovasc Pathol. 50, 107288-107288.
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  • Jessen, S. L., Kaulfus, C. N., Chorpenning, K., Ginn-Hedman, A., Tamez, D., & Weeks, B. R. (2021). Histologic features of thrombosis events with a centrifugal left ventricular assist device.. J Heart Lung Transplant. 40(1), 56-64.
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  • Jessen, S. L., Friedemann, M. C., Ginn-Hedman, A., Graul, L. M., Jokerst, S., Robinson, C. B., ... Maitland, D. J. (2020). Microscopic Assessment of Healing and Effectiveness of a Foam-Based Peripheral Occlusion Device.. ACS Biomater Sci Eng. 6(5), 2588-2599.
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