My laboratory is interested in developing transgenic animal models of disease and novel platforms for the production of biopharmaceuticals. We are currently exploring methods to produce vaccines in the milk of transgenic animals.

selected publications
Academic Articles95
  • Williams, D. K., Pinzn, C., Huggins, S., Pryor, J. H., Falck, A., Herman, F., ... Gaddy, D. (2018). Genetic engineering a large animal model of human hypophosphatasia in sheep.. Sci Rep. 8(1), 16945.
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  • Skiles, W. M., Kester, A., Pryor, J. H., Westhusin, M. E., Golding, M. C., & Long, C. R. (2018). Oxygen-induced alterations in the expression of chromatin modifying enzymes and the transcriptional regulation of imprinted genes.. Gene Expr Patterns. 28, 1-11.
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  • Golding, M. C., Snyder, M., Williamson, G. L., Veazey, K. J., Peoples, M., Pryor, J. H., Westhusin, M. E., & Long, C. R. (2015). Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase SETDB1 is required for development of the bovine blastocyst.. Theriogenology. 84(8), 1411-1422.
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  • Long, C. R., Westhusin, M. E., & Golding, M. C. (2014). Reshaping the transcriptional frontier: epigenetics and somatic cell nuclear transfer.. Mol Reprod Dev. 81(2), 183-193.
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Conference Papers18
  • Williams, D. K., Pinzon, C. A., Huggins, S., Pryor, J. H., Georges, H. M., Hermann, F., ... Suva, L. J. (2018). Genetically Engineering a Sheep Model of Hypophosphatasia. FASEB JOURNAL. 32(1), 859.10-859.10.
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  • Williams, D. K., Pryor, J. H., Huggins, S., Georges, H. M., Pinzon, C. A., Hermann, F., ... Suva, L. J. (2017). Genetic engineering a sheep model of Hypophosphatasia.. JOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH. 32, S397-S397.
  • Long, C. R., Golding, M. C., & Westhusin, M. E. (2014). Lentivirus mediated transgenic livestock: applications in biomedical research. TRANSGENIC RESEARCH. 23(1), 192-193.
  • Romano, J. E., Thompson, J. A., Kraemer, D. C., Westhusin, M. E., Forrest, D. W., & Tomaszweski, M. A. (2006). Early pregnancy diagnosis by palpation per rectum on embryo/fetus viability in dairy cattle. THERIOGENOLOGY. 66(3), 667-667.
  • Elhassan, Y. M., Zhang, X., Kramer, D. C., & Westhusin, M. E. (2000). Blastocyst development of in vitro produced morula-stage bovine embryos briefly exposed to Ultraviolet light following Hoechst staining.. BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION. 62, 253-253.
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