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My research focuses on Genomic Signal Processing (GSP), bioinformatics, and quantitative systems biology, probabilistic graphical models & their application in computational biology, noncoding RNA (ncRNA) prediction, RNA sequence analysis, and network biology & comparative analysis of biological networks.

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Academic Articles51
  • Kim, M., Zhang, H., Woloshuk, C., Shim, W., & Yoon, B. (2018). Computational Prediction of Pathogenic Network Modules in Fusarium verticillioides.. IEEE/ACM Trans Comput Biol Bioinform. 15(2), 506-515.
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  • Jeong, H., Qian, X., & Yoon, B. (2017). CUFID-query: accurate network querying through random walk based network flow estimation.. BMC Bioinformatics. 18(Suppl 14), 500.
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  • Chen, C., Qian, X., & Yoon, B. (2017). Effective computational detection of piRNAs using n-gram models and support vector machine.. BMC Bioinformatics. 18(Suppl 14), 517.
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Conference Papers45
  • Yoon, B., Qian, X., & Kahveci, T. (2017). CNB-MAC'17. Proceedings of the 8th ACM International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology,and Health Informatics, BCB '17: 8th ACM International Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics. 750-750.
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  • Hilton, A., Hilton, A., Kim, M., Ortiz, C., Woloshuk, C., Yoon, B., & Shim, W. (2016). Computational and functional analyses of MADS-box transcription factor-mediated regulation of fumonisin biosynthesis in Fusarium verticillioides. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 106(12), 157-158.
  • Zhang, H., Zhang, H., Kim, M., Yan, H., Yoon, B., & Shim, W. (2016). Enhancing our understanding of Fusarium maize stalk rot pathogenesis through gene association subnetwork module analyses. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 106(12), 18-18.
  • Yan, H., Zhang, H., Kim, M., Yoon, B., & Shim, W. (2016). Evaluation of Rice Varieties for Resistance for Autumn Decline in Arkansas. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 106(12), 150-150.
  • Shim, W., Kim, M., Zhang, H., Yan, H., Yoon, B., Payne, G., & Woloshuk, C. (2016). Identifying new genetic targets for maize ear rot and mycotoxin control through computational subnetwork module analyses. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 106(12), 177-177.
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