Mammalian comparative genomics, phylogeny, biogeography, and molecular evolution, with a specific emphasis on feline evolutionary genomics, including: gene mapping, sex chromosome genetics, speciation and mechanisms of male hybrid sterility.

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  • Murphy, W. J. (2016). Evolution, phylogeny, ecology, and conservation of the clade Glires: Lagomorpha and Rodentia. Wilson, D. E., Lacher, T. E., & Mittermeier, R. A. (Eds.), Handbook of the Mammals of the World. (pp. 15-26). Lynx Edicions.
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  • Page, J. E., & Murphy, W. J. (2008). Construction of Radiation Hybrid Panels. Methods in Molecular Biology. Murphy, W. J. (Eds.), Phylogenomics. (pp. 51-64). Humana Press.
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  • Springer, M. S., Murphy, W. J., Eizirik, E., Madsen, O., Scally, M., Douady, C. J., ... O'Brien, S. J. (2007). A Molecular Classification for the Living Orders of Placental Mammals and the Phylogenetic Placement of Primates. Ravosa, M. J., & Dagosto, M. (Eds.), PRIMATE ORIGINS: Adaptations and Evolution. (pp. 1-28). Springer US.
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