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  • Goldsmith, C. L., Kang, K. E., Heitman, E., Adelman, Z. N., Buchman, L. W., Kerns, D., ... Vedlitz, A. (2022). Stakeholder Views on Engagement, Trust, Performance, and Risk Considerations About Use of Gene Drive Technology in Agricultural Pest Management.. Health Secur. 20(1), 6-15.
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  • Liu, X., Zhang, Y., & Vedlitz, A. (2021). Political Values and Life Satisfaction in China. CHINA QUARTERLY. 245, 276-291.
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  • Hao, F., Liu, X., & Michaels, J. L. (2020). Social Capital, carbon dependency, and public response to climate change in 22 European countries. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY. 114, 64-72.
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  • Liu, X., Robinson, S., & Vedlitz, A. (2020). A Micro Model of Problem Definition and Policy Choice: Issue Image, Issue Association, and Policy Support of Power Plants. POLICY STUDIES JOURNAL. 48(1), 11-37.
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  • Liu, X., Hao, F., Portney, K., & Liu, Y. (2020). Examining Public Concern about Global Warming and Climate Change in China. CHINA QUARTERLY. 242, 460-486.
  • Liu, X. (2003). The Poliheuristic Theory of Decision and the Cybernetic Theory of Decision: A Comparative Examination. Mintz, A. (Eds.), Integrating Cognitive and Rational Theories of Foreign Policy Decision Making. 139-157. Springer Nature.
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