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  • Stellefson, M., Chaney, B., Ochipa, K., Chaney, D., Haider, Z., Hanik, B., Chavarria, E., & Bernhardt, J. M (2014). YouTube as a source of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patient education: a social media content analysis.. Chron Respir Dis. 11(2), 61-71.
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  • Barry, A. E., Stellefson, M. L., Hanik, B., Tennant, B. L., Whiteman, S. D., Varnes, J., & Wadsworth, S. M. (2013). Examining the association between binge drinking and propensity to join the military.. Mil Med. 178(1), 37-42.
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  • Stellefson, M., Hanik, B., Chaney, J. D., & Tennant, B (2012). Analysis of ehealth search perspectives among female college students in the health professions using Q methodology.. J Med Internet Res. 14(2), e60-e60.
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  • Stellefson, M., Hanik, B., Chaney, B., Chaney, D., Tennant, B., & Chavarria, E. A (2011). eHealth literacy among college students: a systematic review with implications for eHealth education.. J Med Internet Res. 13(4), e102-e102.
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  • Stellefson, M. L., Hanik, B. W., Chaney, B. H., & Chaney, J. D (2009). Factor retention in EFA: strategies for health behavior researchers.. Am J Health Behav. 33(5), 587-599.
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