Dr. Murray's research interests focus on improving the productivity, sustainability (economic and environmental) and quality of agricultural production through scientific research and development; mostly in maize (corn). The approaches used to conduct this research include 1) high-throughput field phenotyping (UAVs/drones, ground vehicles, NIRS), 2) molecular quantitative genetic discovery (including QTL mapping, GWAS), 3) statistical modeling and novel analysis methods (including big data and metanalysis), 4) development of new breeding and genetics approaches (including use of computer simulations), and ultimately 5) applied maize (corn) field breeding (classical and molecular). Primary traits of interest for discovering genetic variation and improving in maize for are yield, southern adaptation, stress (aflatoxin resistance, drought tolerance), plant height, composition (colored grain, high grain antioxidants, low phosphorus), and perennialism. Graduate student training is deeply embedded in all of my research.

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Academic Articles70
  • Lane, H. M., & Murray, S. C. (2021). High throughput can produce better decisions than high accuracy when phenotyping plant populations. CROP SCIENCE. 61(5), 3301-3313.
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  • Weldekidan, T., Manching, H., Choquette, N., Leon, N., Flint‐Garcia, S., Holland, J., ... Wisser, R. J. (2021). Registration of tropical populations of maize selected in parallel for early flowering time across the United States. Journal of Plant Registrations.
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  • Adak, A., Murray, S. C., Božinović, S., Lindsey, R., Nakasagga, S., Chatterjee, S., Anderson, S. L., & Wilde, S. (2021). Temporal Vegetation Indices and Plant Height from Remotely Sensed Imagery Can Predict Grain Yield and Flowering Time Breeding Value in Maize via Machine Learning Regression. Remote Sensing. 13(11), 2141-2141.
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  • Rogers, A. R., Dunne, J. C., Romay, C., Bohn, M., Buckler, E. S., Ciampitti, I. A., ... Holland, J. B. (2021). The importance of dominance and genotype-by-environment interactions on grain yield variation in a large-scale public cooperative maize experiment. G3 (Bethesda, Md.). 11(2), jkaa050.
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  • Adak, A., Murray, S. C., Anderson, S. L., Popescu, S. C., Malambo, L., Romay, M. C., & Leon, N. (2021). Unoccupied aerial systems discovered overlooked loci capturing the variation of entire growing period in maize. The Plant Genome. 14(2), e20102.
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  • Murray, S. C., & Wisser, R. J. (2014). Genetic inference on quantitative traits through linkage and association studies. Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Maize. 64-88. CRC Press.
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  • Murray, S. C. (2013). Differentiation of Seed, Sugar, and Biomass-Producing Genotypes in Saccharinae Species. Genomics of the Saccharinae. 479-502. Springer New York.
Conference Papers6
  • Chu, T., Starek, M. J., Brewer, M. J., & Murray, S. C. (2017). Multi-Platform UAS Imaging for Crop Height Estimation: Performance Analysis Over an Experimental Maize Field. 2012 IEEE INTERNATIONAL GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING SYMPOSIUM (IGARSS). 2017-July, 4338-4341.
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  • Chu, T., Starek, M. J., Brewer, M. J., Masiane, T., & Murray, S. C. (2017). UAS imaging for automated crop lodging detection: a case study over an experimental maize field. VISUALIZING AND QUANTIFYING DRUG DISTRIBUTION IN TISSUE III. 10218, 102180e-102180e-7.
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  • Thomasson, J. A., Shi, Y., Olsenholler, J., Valasek, J., Murray, S. C., & Bishop, M. P. (2016). Comprehensive UAV agricultural remote-sensing research at Texas A and M University. VISUALIZING AND QUANTIFYING DRUG DISTRIBUTION IN TISSUE III. 9866, 986602-986602-7.
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  • Shi, Y., Murray, S. C., Rooney, W. L., Valasek, J., Olsenholler, J., Pugh, N. A., ... Thomasson, J. A. (2016). Corn and sorghum phenotyping using a fixed-wing UAV-based remote sensing system. VISUALIZING AND QUANTIFYING DRUG DISTRIBUTION IN TISSUE III. 9866, 98660e-98660e-8.
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  • Murray, S. C., Knox, L., Hartley, B., Méndez-Dorado, M. A., Richardson, G., Thomasson, J. A., ... Rooney, W. L. (2016). High clearance phenotyping systems for season-long measurement of corn, sorghum and other row crops to complement unmanned aerial vehicle systems. VISUALIZING AND QUANTIFYING DRUG DISTRIBUTION IN TISSUE III. 9866, 986607-986607-8.
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