I have research interests in Rotordynamics, Magnetic Bearings, Active Vibration and Noise Control, Fluid Film Bearings, Vibrations, Finite and Boundary Elements, Seal and Impeller Leakage Flow, Piping Systems, Machine Design, Flywheels, Machinery Couplings, Expert Systems, Microgravity Vibration Isolation, Electromechanical Systems, CFD flow in pumps and compressors, Heart pumps (VAD), drillstring vibration, and RO desalination.

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Academic Articles111
  • Palazzolo, A. B., Wang, Z., Gu Lee, J., Kascak, A. F., & Provenza, A. J. (2012). Magnetic bearings. Handbook of Lubrication and Tribology, Volume II: Theory and Design, Second Edition. (pp. 55-1-55-22). CRC Press.
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Conference Papers96
  • Palazzolo, A., Tucker, R., & Wang, Z. (2014). Shaft-less energy storage flywheel.
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  • Provenza, A., Beach, R., Kascak, A., Palazzolo, A., Li, M., Kenny, A., ... Kascak, A. (2008). Fault tolerant homopolar magnetic bearings.
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  • Palazzolo, A., Li, M. u., Na, U., & Thomas, E. (2001). System and method for controlling suspension using a magnetic field.
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